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Friday, September 3, 2010


Love to the next level, lovers budding…
Marriage’s door well anticipated
Couple senses the power of connection…
Desiring more party of soul mate

Intention of intendeds manifest…
Blooming for tomorrow onwards in time
Compatibly longing partnership…
Promising future with hearts confident

Maturing commitments in world of love…
Intimate assurance adoringly
Progressing spirits to positive means…
Kisses with meaning, and hugs enduring

Beings purposefully linked by function…
Jointly agreeable to peace servings
Rite of passage to true love and duty
Craving for the one; the other partner

Sights treasuring what’s priceless and beloved
On the same page accepting together
Engaging in the life of romantic…
Feeling presence of more growing treasure

Dennis Dames
Nassau, Bahamas