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Monday, September 6, 2010

Passions Sensate

Passions sensate increase by the day
Your love is truly great
The manhood of my being,
matures with your servings of continuous affection

I am happy because you fill my every need…
And I look forward to more and more
You are a woman without a doubt…
One that is committed to her man
…with unrelenting focus, and duty

You are the sweetheart of my soul…
I want you forever,
Because you deserve all the love that’s in storage,
…and is waiting to be release in time

You should have a mutual friend and lover…
My woman, you are always
We are so perfect together; we live lovingly as one
We share kisses and hugs, smiles and tears

Our life together… epitomizes the ultimate destiny
Joy illuminates when we touch…
Treasures for tomorrow accumulate when we kiss,
…and make love

We show respect through what we do for each other…
We have no time for splitting apart
You and me are unified…
Single is us for the purpose of love

Dennis A. Dames
Nassau, Bahamas