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Monday, September 6, 2010

A wedding poem for the bride and groom

Together today, a man and women…
With the solemnity of their beings
Vows of eternity to be exchanged
Committed to living lovingly as one…

A bride and groom, with the warmness of their souls
Happy about tomorrow, and the future before them
Their hearts are beating the rhythm of joy…
And their radiance… illuminates the day with true love

This day, another man will dance with his wife for the first time…
Holding her the way she wants to be hold
Kissing her the way she wants to be kissed
Keeping her in the lover’s arms… where she will be comforted

Moving her securely, while the excited guests glow with excitement and well wishes
Songs of love will keep a husband and wife on the track of forever…
Moments of intimacy will solidify the relationship

Being real to the sacred promises before God…
Will result in a union of eternal rewards
This day, another groom will take his wife home… for the first time
There, they will begin to grow unitedly and as a holy family

God bless…

Dennis A. Dames
Nassau, Bahamas