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Monday, September 6, 2010

Teen Lovers

Young, innocent, naïve and in love
The teen experience… dominated by infatuation
Too young to realize the real thing…
But the experience is ready to teach…
And show the way to true friendship

Understanding the joy of love and sex
…are relationships away
For now, it’s more broken hearts and disappointments
It’s the culture of seeking that right someone through hurt

Trials of teens experimenting with their bodies…
Longing for the esthetic kiss
And the electrifying touch of the one they are so fond of…
Unable to distinguish between the temporary states of lust,
And transitional partners

Young and foolish, but determined to find the lover that will end the period of immaturity
Teen love… a rite of passage
Teen lovers… are what we once were

Looking back is something to treasure…
With the eagerness to hold and be held,
Lit the fire of wanting to find that special someone

Indeed the days of tenderness,
And idealistic desires are a teen’s vulnerabilities
A period of hunger for attraction…
A time when sensitivities are brisk
And impressions mean so much

Teens will always be teens,
In an imperfect world of love and romance

Dennis A. Dames
Nassau, Bahamas